Romania, Luxembourg, France 2008, 87 min

Romania, 1953. In a small village, a young couple is about to get married. Guests arrive, the banquet is ready and everything is prepared for the ceremony. Unexpectedly, the Russian Army shows up, Stalin is dead, a national mourning is declared, they have one hour to break up. They finally decide to celebrate against all and make it silent...

Dir: Horatiu Malaele
Scr: Horatiu Malaele, Adrian Lustig, DoP: Vivi Dragan Vasile, Music: Alexandru Andries, Ed: Cristian Nicolescu, Cast: Alexandru Potocean, Luminata Gheorghiu, Mida Andreea Victor, Prod: Castel Film Studio (Vlad Paunescu), World Sales: BAC Films, Format: 35mm, Language: Romanian, Subt: Estonian, English

TUESDAY, 11.08




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