Ungari / Hungary 2009, 109 min

In the spring of 1963 Miki and his parents leave behind the American dream and after four years away return to Budapest. Back in Hungary revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries alike regard Miki's jobless father with suspicion, while Miki - who is a great guitarist and singer with dreams of becoming the next Jerry Lee Lewis - is not accepted by his former friends whose new leader, Röne is referred to as the "Kingfisher". His first love, Vera, now has a new boyfriend.

Dir: Gergely Fonyó
Scr: Tasnádi István, DoP: Csukás Sándor, Music: Róbert Gulya, Ed: Csillag Mano, Cast: Szabó Kimmel Tamás, Kiss Tünde, Vándor Éva, Prod: Next Station Productions (Ádám Neményi), Print: Next Station Productions, Format: 35mm, Language: Hungarian, English, Subt: Estonian, English

MONDAY, 10.08

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