Australia 2007, 105 min

It’s the year 1990 and somewhere on the Australian coast an Indonesian fishing boat comes ashore bearing passengers from Cambodia and Iraq who are trying to enter the country illegally. Disenchanted by false promises, the refugees find themselves on the edge of the desert with three hundred kilometres to the nearest town. The group breaks up and chance brings together the morose Iraqi engineer Youssif, the placid but determined Cambodian Arun, who is looking for his Australian father, and the Javanese fisherman Ramelan, whose curse is to attract catastrophes of all kinds.

Dir: Michael James Rowland
Scr: Michael James Rowland, DoP: Geoff Burton, Music: Trilok Gurtu, Ed: Henry Dangar, Cast: Kenneth Moraleda, Rodney Afif, Srisacd Sacdpraseuth, Prod: Dendy Films (Jo Dyer, Lesley Dyer), World Sales: FineCut, Format: 35mm, Language: English, Khmer, French, Arabic, Subt: Estonian, English

TUESDAY, 11.08

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