Russia 2009, 105 min

The year is 1991. Genka, a provincial painter, lives by himself. His mother died long ago having never revealed to him the secret of who his father is. Genka feels lonely in this world. He is closed and strange. He looks into the sky for hours believing that one day messengers from another world will come for him. Svetka has never known what family happiness is. Her husband was a drunk and one day he drank himself to death. An accidental meeting seems to connect these two lonely hearts forever.

Dir: Sergei Oldenburg-Svintsov
Scr: Sergei Oldenburg-Svintsov, DoP: Gregori Jablochnikov, Music: Igor Starikov, Cast: Alexandr Korshunov, Inga Oboldina, Miroslava Karovich, Prod: Film No 1 Ltd. (Kirill Jakubovski, Sergei Oldenburg-Svintsov), World Sales: Intercinema, Print: Intercinema, Format: 35mm, Language: Russian, Subt: Estonian, English



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