UK, Germany 2003, 90 min

One of the most singular and comprehensive projects ever undertaken in the field of documentary filmmaking, “Deep Blue” plunges the audience into the spectacle of the seas and takes it on a journey from the shallowest coral reefs to the barren shores of the Antarctic, from the vast stretches of the open ocean to the nocturnal landscapes of the ocean’s deepest chasms. Director Alastair Fothergill comments: “We take you to a world you have never seen before, to what I believe is genuinely the last frontier on our planet.”

Dir: Alastair Fothergill, Andy Byatt
Scr: David Attenborough, DoP: Michael deGruy, Rick Rosenthal, Music: George Fenton, Ed: Martin Elsbury, Voices: David Attenborough, Michael Gambon, Pierce Brosnan, Prod: BBC Worldwide/Greenlight Media (Sophokles Tasioulis, Alix Tidmarsh), Print: Greenlight Media, Format: 35mm, Language: English, Subt: Estonian

FRIDAY, 14.08

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