Iceland, Finland, UK 2007, 92 min

After losing her embezzling boyfriend Jolli to a four year prison sentence, Hildur, a drop-dead gorgeous high society girl, must now fend for herself and go look for a job. What she finds, however, is something that’s about to change her life forever. A truly Unidentified Filmic Object from Iceland, “Astropia” is both a fantastic and a romantic comedy but also an amazing tribute to all nerds and geeks in the world.

Dir: Gunnar B. Gudmundsson
Scr: Otto Geir Borg, Johann Aevar Grimsson, DoP: Bergsteinn Björgulfsson, Music: Porvaldur Bjarni Porvaldsson, Ed: Sverrir Kristjansson, Cast: Ragnhildur Steinunn Jónsdóttir, Snorri Engilbertsson, Gunnar Jónson, Prod: Kisi Production / Solar Films / The Icelandic Film Company (Ingvar Thordarson, Julius Kemp, Jukka Helle), Print: Icelandic Film Centre,  Format: 35mm, Language: Icelandic, Subt: Estonian, English


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