Austria 1990, 130 min

The central characters of ”Good News” are the news agent men with immigrant backgrounds who work at bus stops and street corners in Vienna. Dressed in publisher-made work clothes, they stand at their sales spots day after day risking their lives in the traffi c of the busy streets.
The young men come from afar, even from Asia and Africa, to make their meagre living. They don’t speak the language. ”Good day, here you are, thank you, goodbye” make out the main vocabulary of a news agent. ”Good News” is a revealing report of modern slavery. Is this really good news? 

DIR: Ulrich Seidl
Sts/Scr: Ulrich Seidl, Op/Cam: Hans Selikovsky, Mont/Ed: Peter Zeitlinger, Klaudia Ecker, Tootja/Prod: Filmproduktion Mag (Hans Selikovsky), Format: 35mm, Keel/Language: saksa / German, Subt: inglise / English 


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