USA 2006, 86 min

Billed as fusing "Mother Teresa and Indiana Jones", the three aging, crusty American men who comprise unique humanitarian-aid organization Knightsbridge Intl. make both inspirational and off-putting company in "Beyond the Call". Director Adrian Belic takes an uncomplicatedly admiring view of individuals whose high-road ideals and deeds may strike some as undercut by a self-appointed Robin Hood bravado. Nonetheless, subject and personalities are colourful.

DIR: Adrian Belic
Sts/Scr: Adrian Belic, Op/Cam: Adrian Belic, Muusika/Music: Marcello De Francisci, Mont/Ed: Jennifer Chinlund, Tootja/Prod: Wadi Rum (Adrian Belic), Maailma müük/World Sales: Wadi Rum, Format: video, Keel/Language: inglise / English, Subt: eesti / Estonian 

TUESDAY, 12.08

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