Poland 2007, 95 min

Six-year-old Stefek stands up to fate. He believes that the chain of events that he sets in motion will help him get closer to his father who left the little boy’s mother. His 17-year-old sister Elka shows him how to bribe fate with little sacrifices. Finally, the tiny tricks and serendipity bring the father to the door of the mother’s shop, but events move in the wrong direction. Stefek is desperate and so he wants to turn fate by the riskiest trick of all. 

Scr: Andrzej Jakimowski, DoP: Adam Bajerski, Music: Tomasz Gassowski, Ed: Cezary Grzesiuk, Cast: Damian Ul, Ewelina Walendziak, Rafal Guzniczak, Prod: Zjednoczenie Artystów i Rzemielników Sp. (Andrzej Jakimowski), World Sales: M-Appeal, Format: 35mm, Language: Polish, Subt: Estonian, English 

FRIDAY, 15.08

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