World Premiere

Estonia 2008, 94 min

An ethnographical musical drama in 1930's Estonia, based on a true story. "I don't sing the words of the others. I sing the words of my own – picked up from the ground, carved out of the wood." This is the uninhibited story of an uninhibited woman – Hilana Taarka. In her own way, Taarka is like a women's lib army of one – a revolutionary in the orthodox and patriarchal early 20th century culture of the Seto people of south-eastern Estonia. She was dirt-poor, raising five kids out of wedlock, but above all, she was a legendary folk diva in her lifetime. To her own people, Taarka may have seemed like a village wastrel, but actually she was a country girl who in spite of fate or maybe due to her misfortune stayed true to her nature, her talent and her calling. Taarka – a woman who danced where she could have walked and sang where others might have spoken.

Scr: Mart Kivastik, Kauksi Ülle, Ain Mäeots, Hardi Volmer, Elo Selirand, DoP: Elen Lotman, Music: Andres Lõo, Ed: Maarek Toompere, Eik Lattu, Cast: Inga Salurand, Siiri Sisask, Marje Metsur, Mikko O. Nousiainen, Kaarel Oja, Tõnu Oja, Prod: Exitfilm (Anneli Ahven), Format: 35mm, Language: Estonian, Seto 

MONDAY, 11.08

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